Developing INDUSTRIAL SCALE carbon sequestration solutions for a sustainable future

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Paving the Way to Sustainable Road Construction



With a team of experienced professionals, C-Twelve is at the forefront of the development and application of sustainable road construction practices.

By leveraging its expertise in pyrolysis and chemical engineering, C-Twelve is able to produce biochar from a wide range of waste materials that would otherwise be discarded, reducing the amount of waste and environmental pollution.

“During all the trials C twelve have being vey open and honest with the CBH group with the developing product. We have been able to provide all departments of our organisation the necessary information after each trial. Communication and on-site work between CBH and C twelve has being a huge success. Regular meetings and site visits have really strengthened to the companies. Look forward to moving this to bigger and better things.”

Craig Gault, Grain Covers and Portable Infrastructure Manager CBH


“For over 18 months the Hiway Group and C12 have engaged in a collaborative exclusive long-term partnership, developing game changing sustainable solutions in the field of insitu recycling of road pavement materials to derive substantial engineering benefits. The excellent performance in laboratory and field trials to date of the C12 treatment demonstrates potential to provide a competitive, reduced carbon insitu cold recycled product with properties similar, or superior, to an asphalt material”

Allen Browne, Executive General Manager – Technical & Innovation Hiway Group

C-Twelve is developing road products to be Environmentally Friendly and Carbon Negative.


C-12 BLACK uses a unique ground breaking technology that covalently bonds our proprietary emulsion technology to carbon from biochar. This results in superior road surfacing products across the range of requirements from soil stabilisation to pot holes and maintenance through to comprehensive cold mix asphalt for large scale projects.

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Developing industrial scale carbon sequestration solutions for a sustainable future.
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