Emulsion Stabilised Pavement. a significant
breakthrough in SOIL STABILISATION and stabilised pavement.

C-12 Plus

C-12 PLUS REPRESENTS the future of road construction utilising the groundbreaking combination of biochar and emulsion for in situ soil stabilised road building. This innovative approach offers exceptional benefits, transforming the way roads are built and maintained.

By incorporating biochar and emulsion into the soil, road construction achieves enhanced stability. Biochar acts as a natural binding agent, improving soil cohesion and reducing erosion.

The emulsion further enhances the effectiveness of biochar by providing a strong adhesive quality, ensuring the soil particles are tightly bound together. The result is a stable road surface capable of withstanding heavy traffic loads and minimizing maintenance needs.

At the forefront of sustainable road construction practices

Improved mechanical strength

Cheaper per square metre

Reduces harm to the environment

Carbon negative solution

The combination of biochar and emulsion results in roads that are highly durable and long-lasting. The biochar’s porous structure enhances water drainage, preventing water-related damage and extending road lifespan. Additionally, the emulsion protects the soil and biochar from external factors such as weathering and erosion, ensuring the road remains intact over time.

The improved durability of in situ soil stabilized roads translates into cost savings by reducing the frequency of repairs and maintenance. In situ soil stabilized road building with biochar and emulsion offers significant environmental benefits.

Biochar is derived from renewable biomass sources, making it a sustainable material choice.

Furthermore, the incorporation of biochar sequesters carbon, helping to mitigate climate change. By reducing the need for traditional aggregates and minimizing the use of energy-intensive materials, this approach reduces carbon emissions and contributes to a greener future. Choosing biochar and emulsion for in situ soil stabilized road building brings cost advantages.

The availability of biochar from waste materials, combined with its positive impact on road performance, results in cost savings compared to conventional methods. Moreover, the reduced maintenance needs and extended lifespan of the roads reduce long-term costs. The combination of cost-effectiveness and sustainability makes biochar and emulsion an attractive choice for road construction projects.

Emulsion stabilised pavement that is carbon negative, lab tested, & proven to create hard-wearing roads

Discover the science-backed solution in soil stabilisation with C-Twelve Plus. This innovative blend combines anionic emulsion technology and the natural absorbency and sustainability of biochar to enhance road construction outcomes.

Optimised Soil Cohesion

Anionic emulsion fosters robust binding with soil particles, boosting cohesion. This, combined with biochar’s porous structure, minimizes erosion risk and promotes soil stability, particularly in challenging environmental conditions.

Proven Sustainability

C-Twelve Plus demonstrates environmental consciousness. Biochar’s renewable sourcing and carbon sequestration capacity align with sustainable practices, reducing the overall carbon footprint of construction projects.

Economic Efficiency

C-Twelve Plus offers long-term value. Its ability to extend road life and lessen maintenance requirements translates to cost savings over the infrastructure’s lifecycle.

Enhanced Stability

Anionic emulsion and biochar fortify soil cohesion and reduce erosion risks.

Sustainability Focus

Biochar’s renewable nature and carbon sequestration contribute to eco-friendly construction.

Long-Term Savings

Reduced maintenance and extended road lifespan lead to economical benefits.


How does biochar & emulsion enhance soil stability?

• Biochar acts as a natural binding agent, improving soil cohesion and reducing erosion.
• C-12 PLUS provides a strong adhesive quality, ensuring tight binding of soil particles.

What are the benefits of using biochar & emulsion?

• Improved road durability and longevity due to enhanced stability.
• Reduced maintenance needs, resulting in cost savings.

How does C-12 PLUS benefit the environmental?

• Biochar is derived from renewable biomass sources.
• The incorporation of biochar sequesters carbon, helping mitigate climate change.
• Less reliance on energy-intensive materials reduces carbon emissions.

Why is c-12 PLUS cost-effective for road construction?

• Availability of biochar from waste materials reduces material costs.
• Improved road durability leads to fewer repairs and maintenance, resulting in long-term cost savings.

How does c-12 PLUS benefit road projects?

• Enhanced soil stability ensures roads can withstand heavy traffic loads.
• Extended road lifespan due to improved durability and resistance to erosion.
• Reduced environmental impact and carbon footprint of road construction.

Choose the powerful combination of biochar and emulsion for in situ soil stabilized road building to experience enhanced stability, improved durability, cost savings, and environmental sustainability.

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