Benifits of Biochar in Cold Mix Road Surfacing

Improved mechanical strength

Cheaper per square metre

Reduces harm to the environment

Carbon negative solution

The use of biochar in Cold Mix Road Surfacing products has several advantages.


What is biochar?

Biochar is a carbon-rich material produced through pyrolysis, a process that converts biomass into a solid residue by heating it in the absence of oxygen.

How is biochar used in cold mix for road surfacing?

Biochar is integrated into the asphalt mixture, improving road stability, strength, and water drainage, while reducing rutting and cracking.

What are the benefits of using biochar cold mix?

Using biochar enhances road durability, reduces maintenance needs, improves skid resistance, and contributes to sustainable practices and carbon sequestration.

How does biochar make road construction sustainable?

Biochar reduces the carbon footprint of road construction by acting as a substitute for traditional aggregates and offers long-term carbon sequestration potential within the road infrastructure.

Why choose biochar in c-12 BLACK?

Utilizing biochar promotes environmentally friendly road construction, increases road lifespan, and reduces costs through improved performance and sustainability.

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